Vision of PMMC SA:

Pecan Management and Market Consultants South Africa’s vision is to ensure: An excellent and productive Pecan environment. That we provide our customers with the best Pecan information and assistance, that will ensure top quality Pecans. That we can guide our clients from beginning to end in the Pecan Industry. That we will change the way our clients think about the Pecan Industry. That all Pecan related problems are addressed and handled in a professional and adequate manner. That all information related to better Pecan farming practises are accessible and useful to our clients. That all pecan related problems will be addressed in a COST EFFECTIVE MANNER..

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Pecan tree nursery:

PMMC SA also supplies pecan trees on a yearly basis from its own SAPPA / DAFF accredited nurseries. Complying to the strict standards as set out by above mentioned. a Wide variety of culitvars are available suited for the South African market.Cultivars available include Wichita , Navaho , Pawnee , Mohawk , Choctaw ,and Western are only some varieties available. Trees are availabe as bear root or plant bag trees.

  • Orchard layout



  • Critical elements needs to be considered with the layout of a Pecan Orchard. Elements to consider are:
  • What cultivars to plant
  • What cultivars to be use as best pollinators, with the best yield
  • In what direction to plant the rows
  • Water consideration and orchard density
  • Budgets
    • PMMC SA provide their clients a complete budget layout. What the setup and total costs for a new orchard will be. How long it will take to break even after the investment of a Pecan orchard.


  • Plotting and hole drilling
    • PMMC SA also provide a service to plot the trees within a few millimeter accuracy. We also have machinery to easy drill holes to the sufficient depht for younger trees.

  • Cultivar recommendation for different areas
    • Different cultivar trees have different caracteristics in different areas. It is critical to ensure that you establish the right cultivar tree in the right area.

  • PMMC SA Nursery
    • PMMC SA nursery ensure that the trees are of good quality and of the right variety. We provide healthy trees with sufficient roots. We pack our trees under management supervision with sufficient moist around the roots. We clearly mark the trees according to cultivar specification.

Soil and Leaf Analysis


  • PMMC SA take on own account soil and leaf analysis on all our clients orchards. We have the samples tested by an independant lab. Once we have the analytical report we liase with soil specialists to ensure that corrections needed are done right.
  • We have established a database where all analytical reports of different soil types from our clients are entered. This will help with the establishment of correct levels of different elements needed for fertilization applications.

  • Fertilizing and Soilar application recommondations
    • We assist our clients with fertilizing and soilar applicatioins from young orchards to old established orchards.


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  • Pruning of Trees
    • PMMC SA have pruning teams and we can assist farmers and clients with the pruning of their orchards (old and young).
    • We also provide pruning courses to farmers and their workers.
    • We can arrange mechanical pruning where needed.

  • Farming equipment
    • PMMC SA always stay on top of things regarding farming equipment. We work closely with the leading names in harvesting and orchard agricultural suppliers internationally.

  • Market Information
    • PMMC SA have very close bonds with the biggest pecan inshell and shelled buyers internationally. We give advise to our clients on market prices and current market sutiations.

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