About Us

PMMC SA stands for Pecan Management and Market Consultants – South Africa. The two partners, Mr. Dennis Beytell and Mr. Gideon van Zyl have over 30 years experience between them.




Dennis was involved in the Pecan Nut Industry since 2000. He started farming with 7 ha of Pecans and today he manages 39 hectares of Pecans. He started his own small Pecan Craking and marketing business in 2001 before he joined P-Farm where he managed a Peanut Butter and Peanut Roasted factory at the P-Farm Group. At P-Farm he helped setup P-Farm Pecans (now SA Pecans) and helped build SA Pecans to become the biggest Pecannut roleplayer in South Africa. Dennis has extensive experience in orchard layouts, farm management, pruning, harvesting, processing and marketing of Pecans. He has left SA Pecans in 2013 and has started up various business, but his heart and soul still lies in the Pecan Nut Industry.

Gideon farmed a massive 129 ha of Pecans. He has some extensive experience in the Pecan Industry from grafting to harvest. He did extensive research on various problems within the Pecan Orchards he managed. His lifelong dream was to get involved in the Pecan business and now his dream has become a reality.

Both Dennis and Gideon is currently involved in various research projects on Pecan Nuts. Both have great international ties with some of the biggest Pecan roleplayers all over the world. Both of them was Area Chairman in their designated areas for SAPPA (South African Pecannut Produsers Association). Gideon started as Chairman of Area 8 in 2008 and is still running as area Chairman. Dennis started in 2012 and had to resign a year later. Both of them played a huge role in the Pecannut Industry.