When to prune your tree

It seems that there is a mis-conception that pecan trees should be pruned in the dead middle of winter. I personally think this is one of the biggest mistakes you could make. Pruning during the cold winter months leaves a wound that is exposed to the harsh winter elements. Those who practice this method say there is less chance for insect damage, however, that gaping wound you inflicted on your tree is still present when the bugs do come out in early spring. I recommend you do not prune until early spring, prior to bud break. We actually plan our pruning for late April, after the leaves have sprouted. This enables the tree to immediately begin it’s healing process. Pecan trees can be pruned at any time without major setbacks. I discourage summer pruning unless it consists only of small branch removal. We try to coincide our prunings with the expected crop-set. Pecan trees tend to produce heavily every other year, followed by an ‘off year.’ We will do our heaviest pruning on our ‘on ‘ years, and prune lightly on our ‘off’ years. This aids in balancing out our crops and to an extent, prevents the tree from stressing from a heavy crop, which would